This purple gel-balm, easily absorbed into the skin, combats the decrease in firmness and elasticity associated with aging while you sleep. Biotech substances developed from botanical extracts help to enhance cellular renewal, while Bio-activated Resveratrol reduces irritation and stimulates collagen production. Together with Lavender Extract and Cellactel 2 Complex, the skin is left looking and feeling great, even on the days when you haven’t had sufficient sleep.


SKU: 1165
    • An intensified de-ager that boosts the skin’s own anti-oxidant activity and cellular metabolism, promoting a visibly more resilient and younger-looking skin
    • Helps collagen to renew itself and combat the decrease in the suppleness and tone of the skin
    • The skin takes on a feel-good factor that can be seen daily, even after a lack of sleep. The unique texture was created as the answer to all skin conditions. It penetrates without heaviness, yet nurtures and conditions drier skin
  • Night time only on the face & neck. Can be used together with all Swiss line serums and/or ampoule treatments.


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