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The Healing Touch

Proven to promote health and wellness, massage has been in practice for thousands of years and its healing methods are derived from techniques rooted in ancient history.


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Relieves Pain

Boosts Immunity

Improves Sleep



30 min  I  $55


Acupressure massage performed on the feet.


Prenatal Massage

60 min  I  $110          90 min  |  $150


Prenatal massage can help to reduce stress, relieve muscle aches and joint pain, reduce swelling, and even improve labor outcomes.


Body Melting Massage

30 min  I  $59

60 min  I  $94          90 min  I  $134


Every session is customized based on our guests needs, and is designed to reduce stress, fatigue, and improve circulation.


Deep Tissue

Add-On  I  $25


The most beneficial massage for your health. Our deep tissue massage helps loosen muscle tissue, releasing toxins from the muscles and improving circulation.


Hot Stone Therapy

Add-On  |  $25


This therapeutic technique uses the warmth of stones to relax your muscles and provide a sense of well-being.


Cupping Therapy

Add-On  |  $25

Cupping is a form of massage therapy which decompresses soft tissues and increases blood flow using vacuum suction. Modern cupping therapy is used to relieve pain, reduce toxicity, ease inflammation, and promote relaxation. *90-minute massage only

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