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Is your BOTOX® authentic?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an amazingly effective, anti-aging solution that allows for immediate and lasting results. Due to its popularity and somewhat hefty manufacturing cost, the counterfeiters have been hard at work to get their less expensive products on the shelf under the guise of genuine BOTOX®, only it's not genuine, it's not regulated, and it's most certainly not safe to be used in an aesthetic procedure (no matter the discount!)

Is your BOTOX® authentic?

As an Allergan partner spa, MAC Day Spa & Hair Studio only purchases BOTOX® Cosmetic directly from the source, so those of you that have been our guests can take a deep breathe and relax as this does not apply to you :). For the rest of you not under MAC Day Spa's umbrella of services, please, read and head the following 5 facts that you should be aware of prior to your next BOTOX® injection:

1) Established Name - Ensure that the established name, onabotulinumtoxinA, appears on the product box and vial.

2) Hologram - Look for the Allergan hologram on each vial.

3) Tamper Seal - Check for the tamper-evident seal on the box to ensure that the product has not been tampered with (this step is more for the business as a client will most likely only see the vial.)

4) License Number - Check for US license #1145 on the carton vial label.

5) ***NEW*** Track and Trace - The bottom of the carton has a black box with a unique serialization code thereby allowing Allergan to verify that each unit is authentic and approved for sale in the United States.

Ultimately, genuine BOTOX® is extremely effective in the hands of an experienced injector. By joining us here, and sharing this information with your family and friends, you have done your part in helping us to educate and protect those we care for the most. You deserve only the best!

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